set yo' space

it was five days.
we created a workspace that’ll left you breathless.
the cost? my treat.

crowded coffee shop. dirty kitchen table. low riding couch.

where do you work just to avoid the desk space that reminds you of a recent episode of hoarders?
would you be obsessed with starting new conquests if that space was as crisp + inspiring as what you see in magazines or your own instagram  feed, instead?

we learned from some of most popular and inspiring designers and bloggers around for added bursts of excitement.

the details?

set yo space included passionate contributions from guilty pleasure expert melissa cassera, the school of styling founder, kaitlin holland, e-commerce home décor boutique lulu & georgia, nashville interior designer julie couch, and the best + bravest writer i know, alexandra franzen.

did you miss the party?

download the complete set yo’ space lesson plan here.

melissa cassera - pr + guilty pleasure expert

kaitlin holland - founder, the school of styling

lulu & georgia - rug + design rockstars

julie couch - nashville interior designer

alexandra franzen - brave choice maker

kenT youngstrom - artist, but not the tortured kind