we’re super excited to announce quollective’s first artist collaboration! we are partnering with fine artists, graphic designers, cultural influencers, and brands we love, so you can create awesome styles for your favorite quotes.

our kick-off artist is kenT youngstrom, an incredibly talented painter from charlotte, nc. his contemporary art is a perfect fit for quollective. the pack of kentTs gorgeously designed filters is free for the first week only, so download the most recent update and get yours now!  after next week, the filter pack will be on sale for $4.99.

for more on our artist collaboration program and a Q&A with kenT, click here.

happy quoting,


quollective is a free mobile app that let’s you create, style and share quotes. we keep words and sayings that move and inspire us on scraps of papers tucked into diaries, in uninspiring spreadsheets, and on stickies plastered to the bathroom mirror. quollective liberates those stickies by putting all of that wisdom and insight into your pocket, accessible at anytime. so the next time your 3-year-old says something profound, type it in, make it gorgeous with one-touch styling, and share it with your social network or email it directly to a friend. with quollective, you’ll never lose those aha! moments or bazingas! that made you bust out laughing or transformed your life.