i art charlotte is an  outreach program.

each month i’ll step out of the studio carrying a load of freshly stroked original paintings to donate to folks who need a little sunshine in their life.

i could use your help.

i’m looking to partner with individuals + corporations.

needs include canvas or other to paint on + ways to reach those who would otherwise never have original art.

it all started with a simple instagram post…

hey there faithful followers – it’s fall fifteen. (just fyi)

every time you click + double click + comment or whatever on the art i share my satisfaction bucket fills to the rim and starts to spill over.

thank you from the bottom of that bucket for being a part of my community.

i’m lucky to be able to hop out of bed early each morning in order to brighten someone’s day with a new piece of art.

as a gift to you – i’d like to share in what it feels like to be the spark that starts a smile.

for this instance i’m inclined to believe that much like peanut butter + chocolate, gin + tonic or bacon and anything, “we are better, together.”

send me the name of someone you know who could use a bit of sunshine in a stormy season.

i’ll paint them something and deliver it in time for the holidays. no cost to you.

i’ll choose five names randomly by the end of the week from those submitted. keep it simple.

i couldn’t pick just five – i gave something to everyone that commented + i loved it.

see, pursuing my personal interests is a strength of mine.

getting my head out of my own bubble  into what is really happening around me is not.

i want to change that.

it’s time to stop waiting for the right moment to make a contribution.

so, like a jack in the box on red bull i’m going to pop out of the studio with an arm load of paintings and perform a random act of art for someone needing a boat load of unexpected love.

it will happen about once a month.



currently partnering with beds for kids + looking for more.

i art recipient

the timing was beyond perfection.  i  just love this package, can not tell you enough.  happy is an understatement.

my story

i want to hear your i art charlotte story