since 2011 over 1200 original paintings on canvas have been sold at cb2.com and at one of their 14 urban stores in chicago, new york (soho and eastside), san francisco, berkeley, la, santa monica, miami, atlanta, washington, d.c., minneapolis and now internationally  in toronto, vancouver and singapore.

lovestruck.  charlotte, north carolina artist kent youngstrom captures the raw complexity of love in this 3-d mixed media installation.  a graphic juxtaposition of a loving relationship – rusted and recycled, reclaimed and brand new – this hand-painted piece symbolizes the many contentious facets of love.  clean white aluminum letters reclaimed from local sign shops sharply contrast a fiery red V, illustrating our constant desire for the balance of comfort and passion.  a frenzy of graffiti-esque rings and feverish brushstrokes animate 6 feet of recycled cardboard in a visual realization that loves comes full circle through tumultuous moments.  together, these unique elements compose a singular statement that is both powerful and poetic.  much like the emotion of LOVE itself.

full circle.  art—like life—is about the journey, not the destination. in this 3-D mixed media installation of reclaimed materials, the path from urban renewal to industrial art, paying homage to his auctioneer grandfather in the process. wood floor panels that have been salvaged from homes no longer in use in cleveland bear the address of their former residence, aligning a tonal, textural canvas rooted in sustainability. a graphic juxtaposition of handpainted brushstrokes, stenciled typography and a silhouetted powerline illustrate a visual reminder to explore alternative forms of energy. symbolizing the winding road of life and the memorable sights along the way, a single bicycle wheel brings the journey full circle.

breakfast club. signaling the start of a new day, this work abstracts the comfort of a familiar morning ritual—eggs over easy. rendered in acrylic, iridescent oil stick, pencil and molding paste on canvas, the calming repetition of three blue circles over a warm gold and grey blue field brings serenity to the chaos of everyday living.

deer mom. thank you for always being there when i needed you.  thanks for letting me try new things, even when you new what the outcome would probably be.  thanks for bringing my lunch to school when i left it at home, and for driving me all over the place to this sports practice or that game when you had some many other things you could be doing.  thank you for helping me with my homework and for forcing me to do it on my own sometimes.  thank you for pretending to let go and make me feel like my own person.  thank you mom for being you in the midst of all the chaos that i, and the rest of us caused around you.  piece is acrylic over giclee print on canvas

sweet spot. just the Icing celebrates a sweet tooth in a handpainted original work. abstracting the art of icing, layers of rich texture meld to epic scale in shades of grey and white. generous coats of acrylic paint, layered with abundant molding paste, topped by spontaneous swirls of acrylic. combed with linear brush strokes, the tactile surface reveals underlying layers of depth and dimension. the densely textured composition expresses a belief that no matter the cake, “what i really want is just the icing. because the art is in the icing.”