and i’m an artist + now an author.  but still not the tortured kind.  i’m on a mission to make the walls of your home, office or secret lair as memorable as you are.

i’m also a teacher.  i offer work shops + caffeine laden posts to jump start your own creative process.

put your info in the newsletter box below or follow me on INSTAGRAM for studio photos, daily painting and four o’clock energy shots + pinners can find me scattered throughout PINTEREST land.

  • love sucks


    love hurts.  love sucks.  love never fails. 18 x 24 acrylic metal reactive paint on canvas.

  • love never fails * boutique edition


    11 x 14.  gallery wrapped + ready to hang. valentines limited edition in this size + price.  cost includes shipping in united states. choose iron paint with rust treatment on canvas. black paint with white text. pink paint with white text. +++ please note color selection in notes +++ +++ large sizes available +++

  • black hole


    36 x 48 acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.

  • spring leaves


    36 x 60 acrylic on canvas.  hope springs eternal.  at least until mid morning.  colors to brighten your whole day and keep you moving forward.


art can be intimidating.  it shouldn’t be. i promise to make it not so.

some paintings may be in the studio. some may be examples of previously painted pieces.  either way i can get one to you quickly, often in a variety of sizes to accommodate your current obsession.

uptownbook (3 of 6)

buy the book.


this book will remind you that you have the power to make art – and create all kinds of exciting surprises in your life – right now, today. what’s the hold up? why wait? grab your tools and create.

alexandra franzen

be something. if you want to make something


is a pop top energy drink spiked with caffeine laden words that are calming to the soul, while at the same time capable of spurring volcanic eruptions of energy and frenzied moments of accomplishment.




your art shouldn’t match your sofa – but if you are desperately seeking silver to go with the new pillows you just bought – i can help.  i can accommodate most special requests on a commission. i promise to make it easy. and you will get more than you expect.

  • the one. the experience.


    i'll paint this wine bottle painting or another of your choice at an intimate gathering of your planning.

  • chandelier


    36 x 48 acrylic on canvas.  multiple color options. a modern interpretation to the classic chandelier.  i had no idea that a neighborhood children’s painting activity would some day turn into one of the paintings i am know for.

  • copper colored fall


    36 x 48 acrylic on canvas. brisk fall leaves. a touch of frost. a full cup of anticipation for the first jump into the giant pile.  reflect on that vivid memory each time you pass this piece.

  • sunset at the pier


    metallic on gallery wrapped canvas.  ready to hang. 36 x 48.


the world is full of people and corporations who claim to be authentic, creative, game-changing, innovative, inspiring, and paradigm-shifting. sounds great, but that’s not good enough for me. i want to be with/work with/collect the work of someone who shows fall-down, crazy stupid love for their work. i want to be surrounded by people who are alluring, beguiling, blazing, bursting, epic, frenzied, ravenous, and volcanic. i want passion to erupt.

join me. join a workshop.


painting class



for creative agencies + groups



for artists ready to leap



ages 8-18



words come like drops of spilled paint.  mostly at random times and  always messier than anticipated.  i promise to clean them up and invite you along.  sign up for the newsletter and you won’t miss a thing.



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