and i’m an artist.  but not the tortured kind.  i’m on a mission to make the walls of your home, office or secret lair as memorable as you are.

i’m also a teacher.  i offer work shops + caffeine laden posts to jump start your own creative process.

put your info in the newsletter box below or follow me on INSTAGRAM for studio photos and daily painting + pinners can find me scattered throughout PINTEREST land.

  • chasetheqeen

    chase the queen

    never chase the queen. 36 x 48 acrylic on canvas. never chase someone who wouldn't chase you.

  • blackhole

    black hole

    36 x 48 acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.

  • On sale!kryls7b

    alone in the living room

    a tryptic of muted tones and motions.  peaceful + serene but not sleepy hand painted by artist kenT youngstrom. gallery wrapped canvas. ready to hang.   108 x 60 x 2

  • On sale!copperlove


    36 x 48 copper reactive paint on canvas.  if i give everything i own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but i don’t love, i’ve gotten nowhere. so, no matter what i say, what i believe, and what i do, i’m bankrupt without love.



art can be intimidating.  it shouldn’t be. i promise to make it not so.

some paintings may be in the studio. some may be examples of previously painted pieces.  either way i can get one to you quickly, often in a variety of sizes to accommodate your current obsession.


i art charlotte is an  outreach program.

each month i’ll step out of the studio carrying a load of freshly stroked original paintings to donate to folks who need a little sunshine in their life.

i could use your help.

i’m looking to partner with individuals + corporations.

needs include canvas or other to paint on + ways to reach those who would otherwise never have original art.

tell me more




your art shouldn’t match your sofa – but if you are desperately seeking silver to go with the new pillows you just bought – i can help.  i can accommodate most special requests on a commission. i promise to make it easy. and you will get more than you expect.

  • On sale!kryls2b

    thank you, i’ll have another

    let me give you the epic + climactic finish to your space you deserve. the one where less is more, the mood is set, and you own the perfect one-of-a-kind focal point to dominate + complete the picture. i want you to wake up and walk to your space with eyes wide open. i want…

  • leavesundercover

    leaves under cover

    36 x 48 acrylic and oil pastel on canvas.

  • whitecircles

    white circles

    36 x 48 acrylic on canvas.

  • kryls6b

    i’d like fries with that

    let me give you the epic + climactic finish to your space you deserve. the one where less is more, the mood is set, and you own the perfect one-of-a-kind focal point to dominate + complete the picture. i want you to wake up and walk to your space with eyes wide open. i want…


the world is full of people and corporations who claim to be authentic, creative, game-changing, innovative, inspiring, and paradigm-shifting. sounds great, but that’s not good enough for me. i want to be with/work with/collect the work of someone who shows fall-down, crazy stupid love for their work. i want to be surrounded by people who are alluring, beguiling, blazing, bursting, epic, frenzied, ravenous, and volcanic. i want passion to erupt.

join me. join a workshop.


painting class



for creative agencies + groups



for artists ready to leap



ages 8-18



words come like drops of spilled paint.  mostly at random times and  always messier than anticipated.  i promise to clean them up and invite you along.  sign up for the newsletter and you won’t miss a thing.

questions anyone?

i often joke in my workshops that everyone is allowed two questions each + that if anyone needs more they

how high should i be?

high enough that the middle of me meets the middle of you.  no, i have never tried that as a

love painting for cb2

lovestruck.  charlotte, north carolina artist kent youngstrom captures the raw complexity of love in this 3-d mixed media installation.



  • inside the whimsical universe of creativity i believe there is an unknown language that can only be successfully translated by the chosen few whom have an innate ability to take what seems to be complicated and alchemically make it simple.  there needs to be the ability to understand perspective and context while undermining the complexities […]

    brandon viebrock - owner, revolution clothier

  • i have taken several classes from kent and plan to take many more! a painting class is something I always wanted to do. when the wine and design places started popping up i was so excited….. until i found out everyone painted the same painting in those. akenT’s class is anything but. he takes it […]

    melodi vandemark

  • we were at kenT’s studio last year for an open studio paint night. had such a great time we are taking a big group back this weekend. kent is so laid back in letting you control what you paint while giving advice and tips throughout the time you’re there.

    cory worf

  • kenT does a wonderful job making you feel like you can really paint. he is fun, talented and you go home with a momento of a great evening! i also have one of his original paintings proudly hanging in my home and love it!

    patti pippin mikita

  • it’s rare to find unique thoughts and creative motivation in my business.  kenT youngstrom makes my team feel cool, keeps my patients in awe, and encourages my soul to express my own art form 24/7.  he knows how to fragment the norm and push us to all be better artists and better people.  from his […]

    dr. marc allen - marc allen orhtodontics